Breakfast of Champions: Blog 18/2/17


Today is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. 

Honestly... google it, its a real thing.  Now you have done that why don't you email me and let me know how to spin it out into a health/fitness topic?

Got it. Okay... No.  Nope. Can't.  Icecream for breakfast is a terrible idea.   

Sugar is very rarely an excellent choice.  Unless you are either on a seriously low carb diet and are training like you had to go a few rounds with Ivan Drago* you never 'need' sugar for anything.

As sugar is digested so quickly it will very quickly hit your blood stream.  Unless your muscles and liver are seriously depleted (due to the low carbs and training montages) it will have nowhere to go and will spike your insulin levels right up to their limit. 

This is the reason sugar sucks.  Other than damaging your teeth and desensitising your taste buds to anything that might actually be healthy it is actually the effects of the insulin that you have to watch out for. 

Insulin puts your body into storage mode.  This is great when you are genuinely run down and actually need to refuel.  You eat some sweet potato, it gradually digests, gradually increases insulin and gradually lowers your blood sugar level in order to refuel your liver, muscles and kickstarts muscle growth.  It is unlikely you could over do it this way. You would lose interest in the food long before any serious problems started.  You might not LOSE weight eating slowly digested carbs until you felt like stopping but a healthy person would be unlikely to gain much fat.

Sugar doesn't work like this that.

It digests instantly, your insulin levels spike way higher than necessary and this causes your blood sugar to fall lower than before you ate the sugar.  This makes you hungry for something to get your blood sugar back to normal... probably more sugar. 

And the cycle continues.   After awhile your insulin levels are always too high and your blood sugar always too low.  This is totally normal in society today and only doesn't stand out as it's so common.

Breaking this can be tough. It's an addiction at this point.  Getting out of the cycle is hard but not impossible.  Excercise and better eating is a good place to start.  I won't bother trying to create a sensible plan to do this here but if you are interested it is the focus of the Hardstyle 101 diet program.  Click through to check it out.



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