Free Online Training Trial: 22/02/17

Hello all.


It probably is something day today (Edit: Yoga Day) but I want to be a bit bloggier today and stick to bussiness.  The new 'Online Hardstyle 101' and details about getting free access.

Thank you to everyone who took me up on my introductory offer to try Hardstyle 101 and double thanks to everyone who has decided to carry on with group or personal training.  I understand that it's not for everyone.  Some people don't like to work hard. Some people are set in their hunchy tight postural ways and don't like to be made move using their whole body.  Some people don't want to have to LEARN a training system rather than be spoon fed routines.

I am sympathetic that these things can be a culture shock compared to this country's total apathy towards movement and strength and gym cultures love of comfortable biceps/triceps/crunches isolation work.  To everyone that saw this challenge as something to overcome rather than avoided I will help you as best I can.

I have developed a slight problem though.  People are finding it hard to book good times for these introductory sessions.  As much as I hate to 'Marketing tactic' of pretending something has scarcity to make it more valuable there are only so many convenient times to see people and I'm marketing this quite heavily.  

To streamline things I'm shooting and uploading the things that I have been using for the introductory session and breaking them into lessons.  This way you can give them a shot yourself and if you see the value in the system you can get in touch as before for a session.  As before online support and access to a few group sessions is available.

More details to follow but as I haven't worked out how to automate the startup passwords thing please just email me with "I'm in" and I'll send it to you the old fashioned way.



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