Strength of body mind and the human spirit: blog 17/2/17


Hello everyone.  Today is 'human spirit' day.

I talk about 'strength' a lot and while I'm sure MOST of the people training with me and doing my Hardstyle  101 program probably want to be 'strong' in order to achieve other related goals involving weight management for health, performance for sport of looking better naked for whatever crazy reason they might want that I stay true to the Strongfirst philosophy 'Strength has a higher purpose'.

What I want to talk about here is how the strength that moves heavy objects relates to the strength you are talking about when you refer to the human spirit.

When left to our own devices with no enforced hardship we humans are not particularly physically strong.  However if we commit to consistently practicing movement and developing the skill of generating tension we can do incredible things.

To do this it is necessary to continue on the path you have committed to through setbacks, difficulties, distractions and complications without losing focus, hiding behind excuses or giving in to fatigue or discomfort. 

The act of performing a big lift is this process crushed into a handful of seconds.  You prepare to do something you have rarely or never done before with total confidence of success.  You begin despite knowing that it will be hard. You hold your position and exert yourself without considering any of the small changes to your position that everything screams will make it so much easier.

A strong spirit doesn't NEED a strong body but a strong body certainly needs a strong spirit. 

To learn to get your body as strong as your spirit begin Hardstyle 101, now.  



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