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Force Of Nature Personal Training

Once upon a time We out ran, out fought and out hunted everything on this planet.

Today 2/3 of us are obese, 8/10 people will suffer from joint or back pain and lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer) kill more people than all others causes combined.

become students of strength and take back your natural physique, posture, mobility and health.


Why You Should you train with a kettlebell

A kettlebell is a iron ball with a handle originally from russia.  They would frequently be lifted as a show of strength and this developed into a training system used all over the world that produced some of histories strongest people .  The Russian word for a kettlebell is 'girya' and a person who was strong was called a 'girevik', a 'kettlebell man'.  

Modern kettlebell lifting has gone in two directions. Kettlebell Sport is about endurance using long unbroken sets of  lifts without putting the weight down.  The other is called Hardstyle and focuses on developing strength, stability, mobility and power and the gold standard certification in this is Strongfirst.

It is used successfully by many athletes, fighters as well as law enforcement and military to get strong and fit without interfering with their sport or duty.  This makes it ideal for anyone looking to build impressive abilities safely without having to make the gym a part time job.

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Why Train with Force of Nature

  • Step By Step Assistance, Online Support Group And Video Library

i believe in this system and will do whatever i can to make you succeed.  questions can be answered by myself and current students to provide as much additional help as needed and online video instruction to keep your technique safe.

  • Impressive Full Body Strength And Performance

mixing strength training and explosive lifts with long and short rest periods is scientifically proven to have more effect on general physical performance and body fat than any other method.

  • Relaxed Powerful Muscles And Perfect Posture

hardstyle training requires a balance between high tension and deep relaxation.  relaxed muscles allow explosive movement.  this training is perfect for people with tight neck, shoulder and upper back muscles.

  • Comfortable Movement And Mobile, Healthy Joints And Spine

unlike most modern gym programs that leave people sore and frequently injured this system priorities health and the ability to perform at a high level at any time. mobility and flexibility and not the opposite of strength.  be confident to move and engage in any activity without discomfort or restriction.

Who are Strongfirst?(Taken from

StrongFirst is a worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood of strength. We are brought together by the conviction that strength has a greater purpose. Defend your country. Volunteer during a natural disaster. Win a championship. Have pride and become a lean and muscular version of yourself. Join us. "Strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities,” stated Prof. Leonid Matveev. To reach high levels of power, endurance, sport skill, and fat loss you must become strong first. Period. StrongFirst is a school of strength. We teach men and women how to reach high levels of strength. Quickly, safely, and without interfering with their duty, job, or sport. StrongFirst builds strength with several powerful tools—kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight—and one set of universal training principles. We reverse-engineered what the strongest do naturally—and bring this exclusive knowledge to you. 

Student Testimonials

Starting training with Richard has been the best decision I’ve made recently. He’s individual approach, passion and professionalism have helped me to overcome my ‘gymophobia’ and not just loose weight and built some lean muscle but to become more confident in myself and as a result more happy! I have really surprised myself and people around me with how far I’ve managed to get in this short time. His advice on diet and lifestyle was very helpful, and I’ve got to love kettle bells - something I never thought would happen!;) Thank you Richard
— Darja Abakumova Business Analyst at Avaloq Evolution AG
Thanks Richard - especially for the shopping list. I am still cutting out the banned foods as that is really making a difference - I weighed myself at the gym today and I am down to 72.9kg which is a further loss of 1.6kg since Tuesday. Almost reached my target of 6kg in the first 3 weeks.
Thanks for your help to date.
— Karen Anderson
I have been going to the gym for years but would always use the same machines, do the same exercises and never got the results I was wanting. I was sceptical about using a personal trainer as I didn’t rate them much and thought of them as more of a quick fix. I have been working with Richard as my personal trainer now for over a year and I have lost a stone and a half and dropped 2 dress sizes. At first I would have said that my main goal was to loose weight but that’s changed now. I feel stronger, have more energy and feel overall healthier. My personal goals are changing and I’m able to lift weights now that I never thought I’d be strong enough to. Richard is a competent and knowledgable trainer and is very approachable and enthusiastic without being overbearing. He will give you a programme to meet your individual requirements and will adapt and change it to keep it interesting and goal focused. As well as an exercise plan Richard has given me great advice on nutrition and helped me to plan my diet as well. I really enjoy my session at the gym and have no hesitations in recommending Richard if you want to get results
— Louisa Mackenzie
Richard helped me get the results I was looking for and more! I can’t recommended him enough. His knowledge is vast when it comes to nutrition and diet. I look forward to having my personal trainer back when I move back to Edinburgh!”
— Jacqueline Zara Kahn
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About Richard

Before becoming a Personal Trainer I spent ten years as a professional Chef working in multiple award winning restaurants in Scotland and United States. During these years of morning to night kitchen work I developed a deep love, appreciation and understanding of food and hard work but at the expense of my health, fitness and waistline.  In order to get out of the kitchen I began studying and earned diplomas in subjects such as holistic nutrition through the School of Natural Health Sciences. During this time my health improved dramatically but the biggest changes and improvements in health and well being occurred when I began experimenting with fitness. This led to studying to become a Personal Trainer. 

I started Force of Nature using the experience gained up to this point and continue to study any discipline that may be able to add something to the system. I also continue to work towards my Higher Diploma in Holistic Therapy.  After reading and experimenting with every piece of information I could get my hands on I discovered'Enter the Kettlebell' by Pavel Tsatsouline. This led me to become a massive fan of his work and eventually train for and pass the Strongfirst SFG1 certification.

I work out of Leith near Ocean Terminal (EH6) and Gorgie Pure Gym Edinburgh West (EH11).

Group Training

Understanding movement well and learning to perform the lifts perfectly is absolutely necessary to ensure success in your own training regardless of your fitness level or aims. Whether your ultimate goal is a long healthy life, building strength, muscle or losing fat the correct form of the movements doesn't change.  

Personal Training

One on one Personal Training is the most important element of successful training programs.  Once your general movement ability has been brought up to standard through the Functional Movement Screen and the prescribed correctives and you have learnt the movements you need through the small group sessions you should be confident to begin making progress with your program in your own time.

FMS Screening

My business is built on health and getting people with busy lifestyles and their inevitable dysfunctions into training.  This means that correcting tightness and asymmetry is often the first priority.  The fitness industry often promotes pushing through pain and working harder as the only path. By screening these patterns, the FMS can find functional limitations and asymmetries. The FMS can be used to target problems and track progress and select corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

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