Liability wavier

By using this guide I acknowledge that my participation in exercise programmes, classes or events and any related activity suggested or conducted by Richard Bath, Personal Trainer, is voluntary and at my own risk. I am aware that
exercise can be physically stressful and, in certain instances, can even result in injury or cause death. The levels of exercise that I will perform will be at my own pace, based upon my cardio-respiratory (heart & lung) fitness, muscular
strength and endurance.

I hereby state that I have been cleared to exercise by a medical doctor and will stop and inform the trainer of any symptoms (e.g. fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, any pain/discomfort/concern for my safety/benefit) during my participation in exercise. If I have high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, an existing injury, recent surgery or if I am taking any prescribed medications that could affect my performance, I will inform the trainer prior to participating in any exercise.  I understand that I will be given instructions on how to perform an exercise and use equipment and I will ask the trainer any questions if I do not understand.

Richard Bath, Personal Trainer, will not be liable for any injuries or damage arising out of participation or use of facilities to the undersigned. It is agreed that Richard Bath, Personal Trainer, shall not be responsible or liable to the
undersigned for articles lost or stolen whilst making use of the facilities. Richard Bath, Personal Trainer, is not a Medical Doctor. I understand that no advice on diet or supplementation is intended as an attempt to diagnose or treat any issue. Any changes to diet or supplementation will be made at my own risk and will be checked with a medical doctor.